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Hier ist Ihr Endergebnis:

Sie haben Fragen richtig beantwortet.

Ihre Antworten

1.) How often __________ Ann watch television?

2.) There were __________ people in the church but __________ were young.

3.) __________ you usually __________ to work by car?

4.) My friend is taller __________ me.

5.) I __________ the radio in the mornings.

6.) I am looking forward __________ to the party next week.

7.) Yesterday, I __________ to the restaurant.

8.) I don’t know what to do. Do you have __________ advice?

9.) If I __________ Spanish, I __________ there now.

10.) When I finished school to go to university I __________ my exams.

11.) Which sentence is correct?

12.) Who __________ the play Hamlet?

13.) How long __________ in your town?

14.) I was waiting for Tom __________ the bus stop.

15.) Oh no! It’s 4 o’clock! I __________ to go!

16.) The children __________ in the park after school.

17.) Tomorrow I __________ tennis.

18.) Yesterday, I __________ go to the doctor’s because I was ill.

19.) If I __________ to the zoo tomorrow I __________ lots of animals.

20.) I saw the non-smoking sign and put __________ my cigarette.

21.) They didn’t tell me he was ill. =

22.) „I love the summer“, said Sarah. Sarah said that she __________ the summer.

23.) A dictionary is a book __________ gives you the meanings of words.

24.) I do not work __________ Monday afternoons.

25.) I met Tom __________ I was waiting for the bus.

26.) I have lived here __________ 3 years.

27.) There are 3 glasses and __________ water on the table.

28.) He drives the same car __________ me.

29.) You had better talk to him. =

30.) If I __________ the lottery last weekend, I __________ a new car yesterday.

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